Bony Llyn

Bonny Llyn, M.A.

Solution Driven
Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Did you know? Depression ranks among the top 3 workplace problems for employees assistance professionals, following only by family crisis and stress. If your employees have compromised mental or physical health, it can cause productivity loss. This is the definition of Presenteeism.

According to the CDC, 50% of Americans suffering from Depression do not seek help. Using the story of my own journey in overcoming ‘against all odds’ obstacles and creating success, I equip your employees with actionable information, simple solutions and tools.


Corporate Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion,
Productivity, Talent Recruitment

Your ROI: Employee physical injuries and sickness are acknowledged & accepted. However, issus with their mental health & emotional well-being are often undetectable and/or stigmatized. Did you know employees who show up to work with compromised mental, emotional or physical health cost 70% or more of the company’s productivity? Profit proof your business by health-proofing your employees!TM Less sick days. Maximized performance. Grow your business by equipping your staff with easy tools to optimize their mental health, emotional and physical well-being.

Bonny Llyn

Bonny’s Other Keynote Topics:

  • Employees Wellness: 3 Keys to Upgrade Your Total Health Effortlessly.
  • Mental Health @ Workplace: Profit Proof Your Business by Health Proofing Your Employees™.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Neurodiversity & Untapped Talents in Your Workforce.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Thrive in Generosity.
  • High Productivity: Mindfulness & Workplace Stress Management.
  • High Productivity: Scientific Hand Analysis to Decode Life Purpose on Your Fingerprints.

Audience Love Bonny

“Bonny’s wellness presentation to our associates was a great success. We were captivated, inspired and educated. We hope to have her again for next year’s Wellness Fair.”

– Julie Fallon, Director, Human Resources, SPHR, Marriott Marquis Hotel, San Francisco.

“Bonny Llyn graced our Pride celebration by speaking about her personal journey as an LGBTQ member. Her honesty and transparency, to share her experience, enlightened our audience on the conflicts that this community face when they decide to come out. She has an engaging personality and we would definitely bring her back for our other speaking engagements!”

– Beverly Contreras, Senior Manager, Sourcing, Sourcing-Global Supply, Stryker.

“Thank you so much, Bonny for your awesome presentation yesterday! It was a very powerful presentation and it was very inspirational and thought provoking!”

– Brent Ladd, President, Endoscopy, Stryker. Stryker is named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work for 9th consecutive year.

“Bonny had a warm and genuine approach to the audience. Bonny masterfully guided the audience through an emotional and heartwarming story, while sharing powerful tools of success each step of the way. She is not to be missed!”

– Sivan G., Business Coach

Bonny Llyn

Bonny is a captivating and compelling speaker. Her Infectious love and joy for life are palpable as she lights up the audiences. Experiencing Bonny speak gives you the opportunity to find the answers for your own work and health transformation and creating your own mastery and success.

Through her own trials and hardships, Bonny has found and developed a variety of ways to overcome many of life’s challenges. Having suffered from debilitating depression that left her under the covers for days and weeks, Bonny was desperate to find ways to come alive and be successful. Bonny wants to share her secrets of how she found keys to mastering how to be effective in life despite having depression!