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Inspirational Speaker On Mental Health In the Workplace

Speaking Topics: Mental Health in the Workplace, Neurodiversity, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Corporate Wellness, Productivity, Presenteeism, Talent Recruitment, and Talent Retention.

Bonny Llyn is a captivating and compelling speaker. Her Infectious passion for life are palpable as she lights up the audiences. Experiencing Bonny speak gives you the opportunity to find the answers for your own work and health transformation and creating your own mastery and success.

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Bonny's Featured Keynote

Inspirational Speaker On Mental Health In The Workplace

Inspiring organizations to increase employee productivity. By creating a mentally healthy workplace. Profit Proof Your Business By Health Proofing Your Employees

Bonny’s wellness presentation to our associates was a great success. We were captivated, inspired and educated. We hope to have her again for this years Wellness Fair.

Julie Fallon Director, Human Resources at San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel, SPHR

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